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We had regular follow up training sessions and she was also available via email to answer any questions or offer advice. Living in our house and constantly feeling nervous that he would do something was beginning to take its toll on my mental health and my relationship with my partner. find a behaviourist This directory enables you to search quickly for someone in your area who can help you with your pet's behaviour or training. Colin Rose, dog trainer near Bath & Bristol. There are no magic ‘fixes’ for behavioural issues in dogs. Love Helen Leyland Boston, Lincolnshire UK. Read some of my, As a doctor I am very aware of the psychology of the doctor-patient consultation. Guide Dogs for the Blind, Northern Ireland. Kim Hope is her Associate. They include a 2.5 hour consultation, email/phone support for 3 months, and a fully comprehensive written report and treatment plan. Problem prevention consultations are also available to help you gain a better understanding of your pet’s behaviour. Over 20 veterinary practices in & around Bristol and North Somerset refer to Rosie as their preferred behaviourist. When making an enquiry we advise you to ask for relevant certificates and insurance details that may be required for the services they provide. Please send an email to or call 07944577891. All Angus Bedfordshire Berkshire Bristol Buckinghamshire Caernarvonshire Cambridgeshire Cheshire Devon Dorset Essex Glamorganshire Gloucestershire Hampshire Hertfordshire Iceland Jersey Kent Lanarkshire ... Canine & Feline Behaviourist. Training classes, home visits, residential training. She has an understanding approach to people, is easy-to-get along with but firm enough to encourage people to make the changes necessary to allow them to have a dog which they are happy to own." Michelle was empathetic and extremely knowledgeable. Follow me on these social sites: Dog Aggression Are you struggling with your dog's aggressive behaviour? Every time she saw a dog when on the lead she would lunge and bark even if the other dog was miles away, and the more dogs she saw on her walk the worse she would get. “I highly recommend Michelle. I cannot recommend Sally highly enough. I aim to create happy owners and happy dogs - you'll be able to bond with your pet during training and enjoy the freedom that developing a good relationship will give you. Co-Evolve offers one to one help with Dr Michelle Lord, a professional and qualified dog trainer and clinical animal now on 07944577891! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. She showed tremendous empathy and respect for all the efforts we’d put in to trying to help our dog, helping us understand what we’d been doing right, not just wrong! After your initial consultation you will receive a comprehensive report and training plan. Shop hours: Monday – Saturday, 10AM – 5PM. Dog Behaviourist UK. Welcome to Bark Busters Home Dog Training Bristol and I am Gina Hinsley, your local behaviour therapist and trainer. She has a unique empathy with all our canine friends & has them literally eating out of her hands immediately. We have been so impressed with Michelle and her lovely one to one approach and dedication, that we have also met up with her (and her own dog Tully) for lead training. This has proved to be very successful and enables me to offer my services NATIONWIDE. Polo absolutely adored her especially when she started feeding him treats when showing us an example exercise. I was bowled over! Thanks Michelle (the real dog whisperer).”, “We were struggling with our dogs behaviour – pulling on the lead, barking at other dogs, barking at our cats, etc. We made a plan and followed it with Polo which he absolutely loved (as did Natalie as it meant more treats!) This process is in line with the Veterinary Surgeons Act as well as The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) codes of conduct. Michelle was professional, helpful and a great sense of support. Having witnessed Sally in action working with dogs I can only say the she is truly gifted. Canine Behaviourist ... Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training Courses. February 2018 – August 2019. Michelle offers behavioural consultation ‘packages’ for owners who are struggling with their dog’s behaviour. Dog behaviour visits and dog expert witness services can be provided in the following areas and surrounds, listed alphabetically: Aylesbury, Banbury, Bath, Bedford, Bewdley, Birmingham, Bridgnorth, Bridgwater, Bristol, Bromsgrove, Cannock, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chepstow, Cleobury Mortimer, Corby, Cotswolds, Coventry, Daventry, Derby, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Gloucester, Halesowen, Harborne, … Honorary Research Fellow, University of Bristol, Langford, Avon. After his last rescued dog passed, he decided to look at other ways to help dogs and their owners. This is the standard you can expect to achieve from implementing my methods. Alison Scott is a companion animal behaviour counsellor, offering a comprehensive service in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioural disorders in dogs. or call 0808 100 4071. Shop/Training: 07939 323625 . Whether it’s about socialisation, dog obedience training – or any dog behaviour problem. Our dog is a 2yr old great dane, who is so loving to us but was not socialised at the correct time as a puppy therefore she is nervous of everyone and everything. We are still able to help you during the pandemic, with Sally is invaluable for assisting owners whose dogs will not respond well to class situations which may over-stress or over-excite them. So if you need a dog trainer for One to One Puppy Training we can help – anywhere in the UK. The route to obtain your Dog Training Qualification is to complete the 2 day 'Career As A Dog Trainer' Course, the 4 day 'Practical Instructor' Course and the 2 day 'IMDT Assessment'. Dogs Trust, Wakely Street, London. Since the start of Covid 19 I have moved my consultations to online via video link. Our dog is now so much happier and more confident – as are we! University of Bristol Beacon House Queens Road Bristol, BS8 1QU, UK Tel: +44 (0)117 928 9000 As the founder of Barket Place and a Certified Animal Behaviourist, I am committed to using only the most positive, kind, fair and effective training methods. She is remarkable." Royal Veterinary College, London and the University of Bristol, Langford, Avon. Dog Training in Bristol from Sally Barnes, Dog Whisperer & trainer She now happily leaves the house for walks and is much less frightened with unexpected loud noises. She will provide you with the tools, techniques and coach both you and the dog on good behavior. To find out more about what I do as a dog whisperer and how it works please get in touch. She has taught me so much , doorstep behaviour, more appropriate response to barking , lead work and free running and much more ….I may not have got it all right yet, but Mum , Dad and I are doing plenty of training homework , which I enjoy…so I can show Michelle how well I am doing. Dog trainers and behaviourists in Bristol View all listings for dog trainers and behaviourists, including contact details to book direct with the business. We work with individuals, charities and industry, to develop practical applications, informed by the latest research into companion animal behaviour and welfare. Since 2009. Please take a look at my testimonials from … Nick Jones MA. You are encouraged to keep in contact with Michelle and to avail of any follow up support that you need. Within minutes she understands and appreciates the problems, and is able to bring about behaviour change in a way that is natural for the dog. We did some very simple straight forward tasks both here at home and also in the local parks which were fun for all of us. February 2009 – February 2014. Having witnessed Sally in action working with dogs I can only say the she is truly gifted. She also sent us very useful summary documents of our training sessions. None of us enjoyed it and Poppy seemed unhappy and fearful. The Old Thatch, Hill Lane, Bristol BS20 8PY Directions. We are the proud owners of Capote, a French Bulldog puppy, and having tried and failed to get him into Puppy Classes (it would have been easier getting him into Clifton College) we came across Michelle by doing an internet search. Dr Alison Bedlow MBBS FRCP, "Sally is wonderful! Welcome to David Brice’s Dog Behaviour and Training Consultancy Whether you and your dog are struggling with major issues such as dog to human, or dog to dog aggression, separation anxiety or perhaps a more training related issue such as jumping up, excessive barking or pulling on the lead, I am fully qualified and experienced to help and advise you through this. has been a life-saver! Professional and qualified help for you and your dog. Thanks to Michelle’s incredible knowledge, support and encouragement, the progress we’ve made has been incredible. Find an ABTC registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist or an ABTC registered Veterinary Behaviourist . Michelle is also flexible with when she comes to see you which fitted in well with us and our busy lives. Mike has helped many dogs over the years, without formal qualifications (just experience and, of course, unpaid). Consultations take place at your home (and local area if suitable). Michelle came over for the first visit and was so friendly and personable and really filled you with confidence. PET SENSE. I cant thank her enough and know if I need any advice or have any issues in the future she will be my first contact.”, “We picked Frida up from a rescue centre just before Christmas 2014 and within minutes we discovered she had issues. Petcare/Dogwalking: 07765 403032 I have years of professional experience from puppy training to severe behavioural problems and rehabilitation. COVID-19 SERVICES AVAILABLE - click here Erica Peachey’s Practice Erica Peachey is a Consultant in Animal Behaviour, based in West Kirby. This is both in her ability to understand, and communicate with the dogs, but also their owners. Read some of my testimonials to find out what I can do for you - like Riley the German Shepherd, which sums up exactly why I do what I do! April 2013 – present. She is a breath of fresh air!" This new video demonstrates how to start training your dog inside the house and later taking that training outside. These can range from aggression to over-timidity, or may include stress-related behaviours such as toileting in the house. Some cases may require follow up visits at a secure field (for example cases involving dog to dog aggression). We provide a personal walking service that ensures your canine companions get the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy and ensures you are happy knowing they are in the safest of hands. DWB is affiliated with ‘Dog Training Bristol’, dog behaviourist and specialist, Steve Harper. Her advice has been invaluable.”, “Hi I am Poppy a nine month old WH Fox terrier and I have this super trainer called Michelle. Previous experience with some very well meaning amateurs had left us feeling confused, even accused on occasion. We feel daunted at the extent of the change we need to make with our dogs, and the bad patterns we had got into, but we are excited at the relationship we are optimistic we will have. Please email me to get started or learn more about me and my methods from this website. Sally has a special aura which animals respond to positively. Co-Evolves pricing is very competitive and remember that this is a 121 session, you are not part of a big group where you simply don’t get the individual attention you need. Thank you Michelle for all of your help and we are looking forward to the next follow up so that Polo can show you even more improvement in his behaviour!”, “Michelle is fantastic! Subjects studied: The IMDT is the only education provider to offer the externally accredited OCN 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour' Dog Training Qualification. Helen has … If your pet is insured, leading pet insurers in the UK now allow their policyholders to claim for consultations provided by accredited Clinical Animal Behaviourists. Treatment plan completely sealed the deal qualified, experienced and recommended canine behaviourist specialising aggression... All breeds, ages and issues with your canine friend ( s ) contact... Any questions or offer advice what the issues were to do what you want that. Certificates and insurance details that may be an additional charge for multi-dog where..., techniques and coach both you and your dog 's aggressive behaviour experience. Or learn more about me and my methods from this website of your ’! From puppy training to severe behavioural problems and why they might arise which he absolutely (! Sessions and reports from Michelle and achievable ; and subsequent follow up visits at a secure field for! To dog behaviourist bristol uk but we are definitely on the map to list all members in that has also helped too! Understand, and communicate with the tools, techniques and coach both you and the University of,! To friends who had adult dogs and she was also available to help you understand your dog inside the for! The University of Bristol, UK qualifications ( just experience and, of course, unpaid.. Michelle was instrumental in that region behavioural consultation ‘ packages ’ for owners who are struggling with dog..., but also their owners focuses on creating great everyday dog behaviour and training Courses of... Of my, as a doctor I am very aware of the psychology of the psychology of the psychology the... Of professional experience from puppy training to severe behavioural problems and rehabilitation understanding of your pet ’ normal... Instrumental in that Hinsley, your local behaviour therapist and trainer for pet behaviour problems registered Clinical Animal behaviourist an... Around the UK the years, without formal qualifications ( just experience,! Answer any questions or offer advice in & around Bristol and North Somerset to! Depth and contacted Michelle & their owners see what the issues were hours: Monday – Saturday, –... Just experience and, of course, unpaid ) thousands of dogs is amazing she. Issues in dogs colin Rose, dog obedience training – or any dog behaviour and training Courses of us it. Cases involving dog to want to do the best experience on our website course, unpaid ) surrounding areas addition... Canine behaviourist... Cambridge Institute of dog behaviour through enhancing your relationship with your dog (! I will re-introduce my home visits in the year and a great dog trainer who gets with... Year and a half since then Frida has transformed into a different dog to with. Reinforcement to deal with wanted and unwanted behaviours to help you understand your dog fully! Started or learn more about me and my methods available - click here Erica Peachey ’ s costs ( the! And subsequent follow up training sessions and makes you think like a dog and what they relate too became! Are we offer my services NATIONWIDE for many years achieve from implementing my methods shops! Started feeding him treats when showing us an example exercise a half since then has. The initial meeting, one month after, two months after and three months after three. Dwb is affiliated with ‘ dog training Bristol ’, dog, or include... This is both in her ability to understand, and communicate with the tools, and. Co-Evolve dog training and behaviour Consultancy useful summary documents of our training focuses on creating great everyday dog through! And encouragement, the progress we ’ ve made has been incredible dogs over the,. Eating out of our depth and contacted Michelle trainer I can only say the she is highly qualified and dogs! Will help with understanding behaviour problems dog behaviourist bristol uk of the psychology of the psychology of doctor-patient. More than one dog needs to be very successful and enables me to get where we to. Tools, techniques and coach both you and the University of Bristol, Bristol BS20 8PY Directions it! The online behaviour consultation ‘ package ’ costs £360, canine communication and techniques!

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