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Very impressive with good imaging, separation, and grip on the mid-bass drivers. Parasound's Halo JC5 conforms to some of these stereotypes, but there's more to it than just slam. Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars - Ken … Parasound A21 Język . I use the a21 for stereo music and surround. The amp does put out exponentially greater distortion in 4, 2 or 1 ohms (vs 8 ohms), the fact that it is well under .01% still (vs. 0005%) makes it a non-issue. one might need the added power of the a21 for certain speakers that are difficult electrically, but for my big vandersteens, this a23 is a winner. So trying to validate with opinions I feel are reliable. They currently have the 3b3 on sale for $5215.50 while the A21+ is $2995. If you say so. one thing that i think is funny; john curl, the desgner at parasound, was poor-mouthing this amp in a forum a while back, and suggesting that the a21 is much better. JC 3+ Phono Preamplifier IMO the Vincent is a much better-sounding amplifier than the Parasound A21. Everything about it screams "End-game tube amp, long-term keeper! and thank you for the comparisons of the Halo A21+ with the Benchmark AHB2, as I am in the market for a power amp directly in this price segment. IMO the Vincent is a much better-sounding amplifier than the Parasound A21. (One can still search for the original re-printed review though.) I am very happy with my system comprising the above and TEAC NT-505 (Network Player/DAC/Pre-Amplifier). I can order them online and return the one's I don't like, but that gets tedious. Thanks, looks interesting...can't find any reviews. How much does my sound "suffer" by using a $2000 Marantz integrated amp/receiver or an Emotiva amp? P7 i A21 to dobrze dobrana para. Wzmacmiacz audio Parasound A21 czarny - od 14700,00 zł, porównanie cen w 2 sklepach. The bass could be more impactful with A 21+ ....... Also, with tubes, you have to change them after certain hours of playing music :-) ....... ... combination such as a Rogue Atlas Magnum II tube amp and a Parasound Halo A23+ solid-state amp, and still be just under the $4K budget limit stated by tlathbury. Authorized Parasound Dealers are listed at or you can call 415-397-7100 Review>>> Parasound A21+ power amp $3300 - 300 watts of A/B, but stays in class A for most of your listening. I've heard the A23 and P3 Pre-amp many times, driving Focal towers. I mention this not to take away from the Parasound, but to help people mystified or susceptible to the charms of high priced audio equipment. What the A 21 is is a very fine amplifier at an exceptionally fair price—more lifelike, I think, than much of its more expensive Class D … Food for thought? I tested a Revel set up (2.0) with a MacIntosh amplification at the dealers and it sounded wonderful. I purchased a Marantz receiver to drive my purchased Revels and it sounded wonderful. Any dealer that's willing to send me the Parasound for comparison, I will gladly purchase it if it's superior! I have a friend bi-amping with a pair. I actually purchased my A21+ from them. I tried one at home once for a couple of days with my Vandersteen 3A speakers and it sounded terrible. While the ultimate 5-star review is a happy customer, we’re glad we please the critics, too. . Do two AHB2 amps drive such speakers significantly better than a single AHB2? I have seen glowing reviews of the AHB2 amp for the most part but in a small number of cases there seems to be mismatches with specific loudspeakers and headphones. NAD M22 is a pretty good, powerful amp ........ Why you want to change it? I have not heard/used the M22 v2. Well, it would have to be hypothetically because, although I have used most of these these components before (not the A21), I have not used any two of them at the same time or A/B. That was back in … ary2003Stereophile (Vol.26No.2).And I’d had enormous respect for the Halo JC 1’s designer, John Curl, ever since the early 1990s, when I’d used and enjoyed one of his Vendetta SCP-2 phono preamplifiers. heck, forget that conditional: I am greatly impressed with the Emotiva XPA-5.". Parasound at Rocky Mountain AudioFest 2017 - Stereophile review by Herb Reichert 4 Distinct Product Lines Halo is our premier line with a reputation for going head-to-head with the most expensive equipment on the market, while costing a fraction of the price. I actually purchased my A21+ from them. The only problem that I had was with an AHB2 with the Monitor Audio Silver 8s in my CT system and I have not tried them with the monoblocs. Selected the A21+ based on Kal’s review of the F228Be’s. - Parasound A21+ You personally. Maybe larger soundstage, fuller/richer mids. Given that, I've heard good things about both. Because the Marantz was overheating, I purchased the Emotiva and couldn't tell the difference between the 3 amplifiers; all wonderful. Additionally, Parasound's A21 just won an … I cannot fix that but I will notify someone who can. Thanks, Great review. Niestety temat się rozwija a dźwięk o parasound a21 jak nie było tak nie ma. I lean towards Vincent since I'm already planning on getting that SP-331 - not right now, but this year. Polski (PL) (Domyślny) English (USA) Motyw . 9 out of every 10 Parasound products have won an award from at least one top-tier audiophile publication. On the other hand, I have a glove. Front wall has large windows partly covered by fabric drapes and 4" thick 2' × 4' OC 705 panels. M22 is very good, but sometimes I feel like the Revels have a little more potential, at least based on what I've read in reviews. Which one to you keep connected to the speakers, and why ? Greater overall capacity with the monos, obviously. I tried one at home once for a couple of days with my Vandersteen 3A speakers and it sounded terrible. If this amp is 10% "better," that number is not worth testing the waters of diminishing returns. I've also heard good things about Parasound, and heard that just a few people find them a bit hard sounding. Power amplifiers: Benchmark AHB2, Hegel C53, Classé Sigma Mono, Parasound Halo A 31. It's not in that "different sound" category like the Levinson. I do not have any experience with demo CDs "that you might find at a band's merch table" but it is possible they are comparable. Audiostereo Black . Thank you in advanced. Selected the A21+ based on Kal’s review of the F228Be’s. There's no where I can go to listen to all the different amp options with a specific speaker model. Thank you so much for the hand. Which one would you recommend? Fig.8 Parasound A21+, spectrum of 50Hz sinewave, DC–1kHz, at 100W into 8 ohms … This is a natural for my short-list, with this amp joining the AHB2, the Rogue ST-100 and the Belles 150a Reference 2, among others. I am not crazy about having to put in a 20amp circuit for the XPR-2. How does it compare with the Parasound 21+. I have not had an integrated amp or AVR in house in a very long time. to buy a pair without audition, I would mate the A21+ with the f228Be. I will be using a Peachtree Decco as a preamp/DAC. I will have to take a gander at my local dealer. If I was forced(!) Many thanks for your thoughts regarding the ABH2. Tell me if I'm wrong... How much does my sound "suffer" by using a $2000 Marantz integrated amp/receiver or an Emotiva amp? 1. I'm sure this is a wonderful amplifier, and I know there are significant differences in speakers' quality, but I never see A/B tests among amps (like Revel does with their speakers). Hi KR , the link provided for Revel Performa3 F206 in the associated equipment listing, is actually for Revel Performa F228Be :-) ....... Nope. Their stuff used to look low-rent with the separate endcaps and folded metal faceplate, but adding the gold strip gives a purpose to the endcaps and a nice sense of detail to the face. I'd like to see this design implemented over Class D any day... ... (and one-third the price) Parasound NewClassic 2250 v.2, which has a 2-channel power rating of 275W into 8Ω and 400W into either 4Ω or 2Ω. Parasound products are built in Taiwan. Although price isn’t indicative of which would be better, a 3b3 for only $400 more than the A21+ sounds like a better deal. After many years I'm getting back into quality audio. Does Mr Rubinson hint that the differences are minute with the line "the performance of modern amplifiers should and does converge?" The Benchmarks live in the city where, so far, they have not disappointed. Does it mean unprocessed like a demo CD that you might find at a band's merch table? You sure you don't at least want to try an Emotiva XPR-2 or XPA-2 before you drop $2300 on a Parasound. Although price isn’t indicative of which would be better, a 3b3 for only $400 more than the A21+ sounds like a better deal. Accessories: AudioQuest Niagara 5000 and BrickWall 8RAUD power conditioners, Teddy Pardo 12V PS (for exaSound e38), HDPLEX 400W ATX Linear Power Supply, and CyberPower 850PFCLCD AC filter (for the Baetis Audio server). In an online report posted in July 2014 by Jason Victor Serinus, one factory there "has been engaged in continuous production of Parasound products since 1982. I currently own 4 x parasound amplifiers, a21, a31, a23 x2. Odyssey amps don't get mentioned enough around here. 60 amps current. Now there’s an endorsement. ,1752'8&7,21 7kdqn

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